How does it feel to be able to effectively lift the symptoms of birth trauma? - Traumatic Birth Recovery
How does it feel to be able to effectively lift the symptoms of birth trauma?

There are fewer things I enjoy about my job more than working with parents to lift the symptoms that can plague them after a traumatic birth. Except perhaps for teaching these skills to other birth workers because I know that for every one mum or dad that I see the practitioners that I have trained over the last year have seen scores more. Read what they say about having the skills to quickly and effectively help those in distress following a traumatic birth.


‘So I used the rewind technique on a previous birth client who got in touch. It was brilliant. Really felt I found my stride. And tinkered with the script nicely. And it felt great.

Score went from an 8 to a 4. I reckon lower (based on seeing her after and also knowing her really well). Checking in with her on Sunday.

Got another 3 people booked in to use it this week.

Absolutely loving it. It’s so quick.

Thanks so much for all your training and giving us this gift’


And one week later….


‘Just to feedback – I spoke to her last night. Her score was 1-2!!!! I love EFT but I would have never got that score after one session.’


Tricia Murray
Fertility, Birth and Parenting Mindset Coach | Birth Trauma Recovery | Birth and Postnatal Doula | EFT Therapist | Maternal Mental Health Campaigner



‘Literally I could not be more thrilled, just finished the second session with my lady from last week, my god what a difference! I was feeling a bit nervous in case she said nope no difference but wow the difference in her was so evident, she has gone from a 10 to a 1-2! I could not feel any more fantastic x’


Wendy Wood

Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Doula


‘So you may remember last week working with my client. I’ve just done session three with her and she’s doing amazingly well.

SUDS scale – Guilt went from 10 – 2 and Fear of death – 7 – 1

She looks so light and free! She spent time with a pregnant friend recently and amazed herself at how she could revisit her birth and be ok with it.

Just wonderful to see such a transformation.’


Steph Grainger

Doula and Hypnoptherapist and Owner of The Nest


‘I’ve been meaning to let you know that I’ve now done 4 sessions of the Rewind technique with clients, all as part of my NHS role. They’d all been referred to my clinic with birth anxiety due to a previous traumatic birth. I had met them all at least once before and offered the session to them and explained what it was, and I’ve followed them up by telephone afterwards. I’ve had some lovely feedback from the mums, which is fantastic – and I’m so relieved! I’m so excited about being a practitioner as I’m really going to be able to enhance the care and support I can offer to women and help them have a positive pregnancy and birth this time round, thank you Alex! I’ve got 3 more mums booked in for sessions later this month and will keep you posted how they go… ‘


Louise Nunn

Perinatal Mental Health Midwife


‘I have used the rewind technique on several occasions within my role as a Hypnobirthing practitioner, birth doula and breast feeding supporter.  I feel more confident in my practise as a Hypnobirthing practitioner, knowing that I can offer a technique that has the power to unlock destructive feelings associated with a negative and often traumatic experience, helping the client regain their trust and confidence in themselves. It has, and continues to take me by surprise by the simple, yet dramatic effect it can have on these client(s). I have seen these clients go on to have great empowering births, or make a break-through with breast feeding issues by embracing this technique.’


Lucy Shutes

Doula, Hypnobirth Teacher, Breastfeeding Supporter


‘The mother had the most powerful experience yesterday. She hadn’t expected the technique to be so powerful.

When we finished she turned into a different woman. In the year I have been supporting her as a BFC I have never seen such strong empowered body language displayed by her.’


Kal Black

Breast Feeding Counsellor


‘I love this, as a midwife and hypnobirthing teacher you have enabled me to really help women who have experienced a difficult birth. I also found the relaxing script excellent and when using on myself I was so wonderfully relaxed and really helped me cope with the blame I put on myself for my mother death many years ago. I know deep down that I couldn’t have changed the outcome but have know accepted it and feel wonderful, I’m so grateful it was worth the £170 just for that! I will do a case study and have someone in mind. Thanks.’

Wendy Proctor

Midwife & Hypnobirthing teacher


‘I’m so glad I was recommended this course as I felt there was a real need to go deeper into this side of my work as a doula. I feel so much better equipped to help women through this very delicate subject and will use this technique with confidence now. The content of the course is thorough and complete, giving you all the resources and support you need. Many thanks from all the future Mamas that will benefit from this work! Empowering indeed!’

Cyd Lee – Doula


‘I’ve just completed the course online and it was fantastic!

I’m a HypnoBirthing practitioner and I’ve noticed more and more women coming to class with a previous traumatic birth and wanted to be able to do something to help. I feel really confident following the course, I was concerned it would be quite heavy but it was really easy to understand and follow.

Hi Alex,

Please find attached my completed case study.

I’ve really enjoyed the process, it’s been amazing to see the difference from just one session.’

Jade Gordon

HypnoBirthing Practitioner (The Mongan Method)

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