Recovering from a Traumatic Birth - A practical guide

If you have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth the book can help you to begin processing your feelings about what happened and transforming them into something new.

Even if you are not sure whether it was 'that bad', if it still feels bad and is showing up in you life in unhelpful ways then this book can bring some clarity to the confusion and offer support as you find your way through some of the heavy feelings that can remain after difficult or traumatic births or other perinatal experiences.

The content of this book is supported with online resources, worksheets, relaxation audios and guided visualisations all of which aim to transform the symptoms of trauma. Everyone who purchases this book is invited to join a free online Facebook community (closed group) to share their experiences and seek inspiration and support from others.

The symptoms of any perinatal trauma can be re-triggered at anytime, especially when women find themselves pregnant again. Wherever you are on your journey to recovery this book can serve as a guide to feeling free again and to help reconnect you with a more peaceful self.