I am Alexandra Heath, Clinical Hypnotherapist (DipHyp since 2010, NCH registered), birth doula, founder of this website and creator of the book and training resources listed on this website.

I believe that the parenting life stage is fraught with trauma, change and transition. As such it naturally is a time when emotional and mental wellbeing is often tested, strained and vulnerable. 


How we feel during pregnancy about transitioning into motherhood, how we birth and how we are cared for afterwards can all have seismic and long term effects on how we feel and how we parent.

Problems with trauma symptoms, anxiety and depression are unsurprisingly common for parents navigating the choppy waters of fertility, pregnancy, birth, post natal recovery and the first year.

I love supporting parents so that they can navigate these challenges and to go on and thrive with their families.

I have worked with 100s of parents to lift the heavy feelings that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth, or perinatal experience. 

This therapeutic process has proved so effective for parents that I have trained over 350 birth professionals in these skills since 2016. You can find a list of those practitioners here.

I have practices in West London and also treat people via Zoom.

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