Tara Whelan - Traumatic Birth Recovery
Tara Whelan

Tara Whelan

Clonmel Co Tipperary Ireland


Hi, my name is Tara Whelan  I am a  mother to two children Eoghan & Katie, a GP nurse for 17 years, qualified as a Havening Techniques Practitioner, Future Life Progression Practitioner and TBR 3 step Rewind.


My passion is in Trauma & Anxiety symptom management.


Resilient Emotions is about guiding clients to heal from traumatic past events such as Birth Trauma, Baby loss and  Miscarriage and move forward to a brighter future.


It starts with you giving yourself time to heal from your past experiences while reconnecting with yourself and seeing how the symptoms impact on your life today, whilst also opening up your awareness to what could be possible in a brighter future.


Resilient Emotions with healing modalities of a neuroscience background Havening Techniques and TBR 3 Step Rewind will guide you through a process of Past Present and Future.


I offer:

Traumatic birth recovery 3 step rewind for trauma symptoms

Bring relief with your debrief listening service

Perinatal anxiety symptom management


Feel free to call me any time for a chat to see if what I do is suitable for your needs.