Katrina Stevens - Traumatic Birth Recovery
Katrina Stevens

Katrina Stevens

Nottingham United Kingdom


Katrina is a mum of 2, and Mind and Body Coach.  Working as a reflexologist, certified hypnotherapist and mind coach, trained in Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy, who specialises in Fertility and Pregnancy.
Katrina understands first hand the impact of Birth Trauma, and although 9 years later the incredible change that the 3 step programme makes. states “I just wish I’d found it sooner.”
Working as a hypnobirthing instructor, she finds that many of her clients are fearful of their approaching birth, because of the traumatic effects of their previous.  Sometimes a fear release and hypnobirthing skills alone, isn’t enough.
Some of her fertility clients are dealing with the effect of a traumatic birth, whether their own or observed as a birth partner.  As a result their mind and body cant allow it to happen again and after using the 3 step, programme things change hugely with many.