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Helen Parsons

Helen Parsons



I support a woman’s right to choose where to birth her baby and believe in empowering her to make her own informed decisions throughout her pregnancy and her birth. I am a Daisy Birthing antenatal teacher, baby yoga instructor and Doula UK recognized birth doula. I have two boys and have experienced both a hospital birth and a home water birth. I am passionate about birth, babies and mums! I believe in mothering the mother throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond and want every mum to have the best possible birth journey they can have.

Helen is trained in being Birth Doula, Daisy Birthing Perinatal Educator, Hypnosis for Birth practitioner, Baby Massage Instructor, Postnatal & Baby Yoga Instructor, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Sling Consultant and trained in Spinning Babies techniques, Rebozo and Massage