Anita Debney - Traumatic Birth Recovery
Anita Debney

Anita Debney

London United Kingdom


I have worked with parents, babies, and children for over thirty years. My life has been devoted to serving the needs of mothers and babies in every way possible, including massage, music, brain development, education, breastfeeding guidance and birth support.


My speciality is working with high profile families all over the world who need an added measure of security, discretion and confidentiality but I take clients from all walks of life and will be happy to discuss the ways I can be of help. You can have complete confidence that your sessions with me and your privacy will always remain sacrosanct.  I have attended many births and have seen the need for gentle effective treatment if there has been a trauma of any kind. I  believe wholeheartedly in the TBR 3step rewind process and have seen the remarkable results that can be achieved. If you need someone who can listen and be fully in tune with your current emotional situation then I believe I can offer you the help you seek.