3 big advantages of the 3 Step Rewind treatment over other therapies

When it comes to therapy to relieve the symptoms of PTSD currently NICE guidelines recommend 8-12 sessions of CBT or EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) for those who seek help. That’s quite a long time to be re-visiting an event that for most sufferers seeking treatment want to be rid of. The 3 Step Rewind technique for birth trauma is effective in 1-2 sessions with most participants reporting a complete lifting of the symptoms after this time. It is quick and extremely effective.

Practitioners of the technique describe its effects as ‘profound’, like ‘fairy dust’, a ‘soothing balm that should be available to all’.

Mums say:
After my treatment, I felt like a new person. I felt happier, relaxed and like a huge weight had been lifted.’ 

‘I walked away a lighter person. How corny it sounds but the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I sat in the car before driving away, took a deep breath, and felt a huge sense of relief. I was free of despair! It was something I had learned to live with, not realising I didn’t have to live with it at all.’

‘We were able to take the good from the experience (our beautiful son) and let the rest go. After the sessions I was more at ease during the rest of my pregnancy and was able to maintain much more calm during my second birth had I not done the sessions’ 

Other talking therapies, including CBT, require the person to go over the event repeatedly and even sometimes painfully reframe their beliefs around what happened.

The 3 Step Rewind technique gives participants the opportunity to work ‘content free’ so that if they don’t want to talk about what happened they don’t have to, they simply need to be able to remember it for themselves. There is also no judgement, critique or reframing of what happened if they do want to talk about it.

Only birth workers and therapists with an understanding of the challenges that mums and dads face after a difficult birth have been trained in the 3 Step Rewind technique. This means that they understand the emotions, issues and challenges that can accompany birth trauma and are well placed to empathise.

To find out more about the technique or to train as a practitioner then go to www.traumaticbirthrecovery.com

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